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At Tom's Tile and Grout Cleaning, we offer wide variety of powerful cleaning solutions which is designed in order to remove buildups, spots, soils, oils and stains using high pressure rinse

Tom's Tile Repair and Grout Repair Services like Tile Re grouting, Floor Tile Repair, Tile Grout Repairing, Shower Grout Repair, Bathroom Tile Repairing, Tile Replacement, Tile Crack Repairing.

Tile Sealing is performed only after thorough cleaning the grout using a sealer. Our premium Sealer helps in protecting the grout by minimizing and repelling discoloration from the acids, grime, and dirt.

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Do you remember the time when you got your first house ready? It gives you a fresh feeling with cleanliness all around, but is the same feeling alive when you step into your house after a year or so? You must have come across instances where you could feel that the tiles in your house or offices are covered with dirt or some stains which a normal mop fails to hide. This happens when the dirt gets inside the pores of the tiles which make it tough to clean, which in return discolor the grout as well. In such cases, people tend to use harsh chemicals to get the tiles and grout clean by themselves which is not only unsafe but diminishes the quality of your tiles.

The Professional Tile Cleaners at Toms Tile and Grout Cleanings assist you to reinvigorate the feeling of shining tiles at your home or office. Our Grout and Tile Cleaners provides 24x7 Tile Cleaning Services by providing assistance of Modern Tile Cleaning Equipment which is powerful and proven enough to get rid of germs. We are proud to tell everyone that we use eco-friendly products to clean tiles and grouts.


  • The entire process was done in a quick manner and in a very smooth way. We are definitely going to call them again for all kinds of cleaning services!

    Tom's Cleaning Mia
  • Amazing team work and wonderful cleaning!!

    Tom's Cleaning Jenni
  • I am so happy with Tom's Tiles Cleaning Service as my tiled area now looks as good as new.

    Tom's Cleaning Thomas
  • I had few tiles broken in my driveway and i was not sure that it will look good after getting them repaired but after Tom's Tile repairing workers completed their work it doesn't look as if they were broken in first place.

    Tom's Cleaning Danny
  • I was very satisfied with Tom's Grout Cleaning service.

    Tom's Cleaning Kesha
  • I wanted to restore my flooring because of few broken tiles and i called many services for consultation and every service told me to get it restored. But Tom's Tile & Grout Cleaning services repaired my broken tiles at affordable charges.

    Tom's Cleaning Lyla
  • Thumbs Up for great service!!

    Tom's Cleaning Michael
  • We hired Toms Cleaning Services for Tiles Installation for my work space. I was completely satisfied with their dedicated professional team. They even helped me in suggesting the tiles according to the Decor.

    Tom's Cleaning Chloe



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Health Certificate Award

Organization : Australian Health Organization
Date : 16 October 2016

Description : We use Eco-friendly Chemicals for Cleaning and we got award for this.

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Duct Cleaning Certificate

Organization : NADCA
Date : 27 December 2016

Description : We have certified cleaners from NADCA

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Excellence Award

Organization : Clean Australia
Date : 10 May 2016

Description : We got Excellece Work award for our Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery Cleaning Services.

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Australian Owned

Organization : Australian registered
Date : 17 October 2016

Description : Australian Owned and Operated Business

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